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This is the section of the site that highlights some of our most recent, and notable, builds to date. They range everywhere from mild to wild, and are intended for everything from the street, to the dragstrip, to the half-mile and even the road course. Want to see your car on this list? Give us a call!


Vengeance Racing R&D C7 Z06

This menacing C7 Z06 was purchased by Vengeance Racing to allow us to perform extensive research & Development on the new LT4 engine platform/E92 ECU. After months of testing various combinations we were able to develop some of the most powerful and reliable performance upgrades on the market. Our testing was not limited to just the chassis dyno. We have logged several thousand street miles in conjunction with many passes down the ¼ mile as well as ½ mile land speed competitions. Our C7 Z06 currently holds the record for fastest C7 Z06 in both the ¼ and ½ mile running 151.2mph in the ¼ and 170.7 in the ½ mile. Our test bed Corvette was also the first C7 Z06 to break 1000RWHP legitimately and did so on the stock GM LT4 short block & cylinder heads. Stay tuned for much more from this Z06 as we continue to push the envelope ensuring we are offering the best performance packages in the industry!

Boost only 779RWHP/812RWTQ
¼ Mile-10.02@151mph
½ mile 170.6mph (Boost Only)
½ mile 177.72mph (Boost & Spray)

  • Vengeance Racing Stage III Performance Package
  • Nitrous Outlet Spray Bar Nitrous System
  • Alky Control Dual Nozzle Methanol Injection System
  • Vengeance Racing E85 Flex Fuel System
  • RPS Triple Carbon Clutch Kit
  • RPM Level VII TR6070 Transmission
  • MGW Short Throw Shifter
  • Driveshaft Shop 1000HP Half Shafts
  • 360 Forged Wheel/Tire Package

  • LG Motorsports 15” Conversion
  • B&B Fusion Catback Exhaust
  • Anderson Composites Carbon Fiber Package
  • Custom Vengeance PCM ECU Calibration

Randy Hunter - CTSV

This gorgeous 2012 CTSV belongs to our client Randy Hunter. This happens to be Randy’s daily driver when he is giving his Twin Turbo C6 Z06 AKA “Fat Man” a rest.  Future Plans include a pair of Precision 68/70mm billet wheel turbos bolted to a Vengeance Racing custom fabricated twin turbo system.

Boost Only 699RWHP/623RWTQ
Daily driven
¼- NA


  • VR Spec RHS Based fully forged 427
  • Mast Motorsports 255cc LS3 Cylinder Heads

  • American Racing 2” Stainless Long Tube Headers

  • Stock ported Supercharger

  • ID850 Fuel Injectors

  • Nitrous Outlet LSA Plate Nitrous System


  • Alky Control Dual Nozzle Methanol Injection System

  • Circle D Built 6L90E Transmission

  • DSS Carbon Fiber Driveshaft

  • 360 Forged Wheels

  • Custom Paint by Driven Collision

  • Custom Sound System

Ron Mowen - Twin Turbo C6 Z06 aka "Fatman 2.0"

After 4 successful record setting years Randy Hunter gave Ron Mowen the owner of Vengeance Racing to purchase his Twin Turbo C6 Z06. Featured below this is the previous setup. After purchase Ron had the Corvette painted white by Driven Collision and the car went through extensive modifications to take it from 205 to 216.99 MPH. 

Boost Only 1558RWHP/1423RWTQ
¼ Mile- NA
½ Mile- 216.99mph


  • VR spec LSX 427 LLSR long block
  • Vengeance Racing custom fabricated twin turbo system utilizing
  • Precision 76/75 Gen II CEA Billet Wheel Turbos & Custom Air to
  • Water Intercoolers
  • Wilson Billet Bank LS7 Intake
  • VR spec custom fuel system
  • Nitrous Outlet Direct Port System
  • Pro-EFI 128 ECU w/ Motec Display
  • RPM Transmission TH400
  • Pro Torque Stall Converter
  • RPM Transmissions/DSS 9”
  • DSS 2000HP Half Shafts
  • Penske adjustable coil over system with custom valving
  • Tuned for VP C16 Race Fuel during competition
  • Parachute with In-House fabricated Custom Mount
  • Weld 15x10 RTS S71 with 315/60/15 Mickey Thompsons
  • Super Vettes ¼ Panels
  • Custom Wheel Tubs
  • LG World Challenge Hood

Randy Hunter - Twin Turbo C6 Z06 aka "Fatman"

"A very active racer and great client of ours saw this particular car run at the Georgia 1/2-mile event and just had to have it. His garage already contained a big power CTS-V coupe and a Whipple-supercharged C6 Z06, but he wanted a car that could run consistent 200+ mph traps in the 1/2-mile while also being completely streetable.

This orange C6 Z06 was the perfect candidate so he bought the car and started making the necessary upgrades to make this a 200+ mph 1/2-mile car. While the twin-turbo build we did on this orange Vette was already plenty stout, it needed some more upgrades to really make it consistent, reliable and drivable at that speed. The customer also wanted to make some visual upgrades to really make the car his own.

After dropping it off and going over all available options, we decided the following list of build upgrades were the right route to go to break that 200mph mark throughout the year. It also made for an aesthetically-pleasing build on the exterior as well as the engine bay of this C6Z.

The end result was 1,558rwhp boost only/1780rwhp on nitrous- that ended up going 204.54mph at the Texas 1/2-mile November 2016

Boost Only 1558RWHP/1423RWTQ
¼ Mile- NA
½ Mile- 205mph- 2015 Corvette Record Holder


  • VR spec LSX 427 long block
  • Vengeance Racing custom fabricated twin turbo system utilizing Precision 68/70 Gen II CEA Billet Wheel Turbos
  • Wilson Billet Bank LS7 Intake w/ Wilson Logo Removed
  • VR spec custom fuel system
  • Nitrous Outlet Direct Port System w/ Atomic Orange Hardlines
  • Pro-EFI 128 ECU
  • RPM Level VII TR6060 Transmission
  • RPM 2.56 rear differential
  • Billetech Alternator
  • RPS Billet Carbon Quad Disc Clutch
  • DSS 2000HP Half Shaft


  • LG Front & Rear Sway Bars
  • Ridetech double adjustable coil over system
  • Tuned for VP C16 Race Fuel during competition
  • Parachute with In-House fabricated Custom Mount
  • Monster Customs full audio and laser/radar system (Obviously not needed for 200+ trap speeds, but makes the car that much more fun when driving it on the streets)
  • 360 Forged Spec V Wheels - 19x12.5/19x9.5 with Nitto NT05R drag radials for street
  • Weld 15x10 RTS S71 with 325/50/15 Mickey Thompson ET Street
  • LG World Challenge Hood


Ron Sexton - ProCharged ZL1

Our customer's 2017 Camaro ZL1 project was the first ZL1 to break the 4-digit horsepower mark with our all new VR1100 performance package! This vehicle is equipped with a Procharger F-1A-94 supercharger system with air to water intercooler, Late Model Engines billet intake manifold, Vengeance Racing CNC ported LT4 cylinder heads, Vengeance Racing Stage II camshaft kit, AlkyControl dual nozzle methanol injection system, Vengeance Racing custom low-side fuel system, Kooks stainless steel longtube headers/x-pipe/axle-back exhaust system, and custom ECU calibration from Vengeance PCM. Final power output came to 1,047rwhp and 784rwtq at 19psi of boost on C16 race fuel. This combination still retains the OEM LT4 shortblock as well as the stock 10-speed automatic transmission!

During track testing it managed several 9.5x@152mph passes on factory 20" wheels with Mickey Thompson Drag Radials.... There is another two to three tenths left in this combo with this new A10 transmission. This also should be the quickest/fastest 6th Gen ZL1 in the country...(Aug 3, 2017) More to come!!!!

1047RWHP (Boost Only)
¼ Mile- 9.58@152.97MPH


  • ProCharger Supercharger System
    -F1A 94
    -Air to Water
  • Late Model Engines Billet CNC LT4 Intake Manifold
  • Vengeance Racing CNC LT4 Cylinder Heads
  • Vengeance Racing Custom Camshaf

  • Vengeance Racing CNC Valve Covers/Coil Relocation
  • Kooks Stainless Long tube Headers/X Pipe/Axle Back
  • Alky Control Dual Nozzle Methanol Injection
  • Vengeance Racing Auxillary Fuel System
  • BMR Lowering Springs

Gary Crunkleton - ZL1

This beautiful ZL1 was built to use on the streets as a “weekend warrior”. Gary also has plans of joining us in several upcoming half mile competitions this year.  With over 1000HP hitting the pavement we expect to see some awesome mph from this combination.

Boost Only 796RWHP/749RWTQ
Boost/Nitrous 1012RWHP/962RWTQ
¼ 10.88 @135mph (boost)
½ 172 mph


  • VR Spec 416 Cubic inch Stroker

  • Stock ported ZL1 supercharger

  • ID850 Fuel Injectors

  • American Racing 2” Stainless Long tube header system


  • Alky Control Dual Nozzle Methanol Injection System

  • Nitrous Outlet LSA Plate Nitrous System

  • Custom ECU Calibration by Vengeance PCM

  • RPS Triple Disc Clutch Kit


Eddie Blackwell - Naturally Aspirated 451ci C5Z

Eddie came to us way back in 2007 to build a 440 LS7 stroker for his street driven C5 Z06…. Just a few months after completing this build the plan was to add a nitrous system to the combo, but we had just finished an RHS 474 tall deck that was simply too tempting for Eddie… Out went the 440 and in went the 474…. Our first test session with the new engine was at a local WannaGOFAST ½ mile event where Eddie won the Naturally Aspirated class and a few events later he set the world record in late November 2015 while debuting his new white paint. Stay tuned for our new 451 LSX paired with a PPG full sequential in the spring of 2016.

Current ½ Mile LS World Record Holder
¼ mile NA
½ mile 197.4 mph


    • VR Spec LSX Tall Deck 451 Cubic Inch LSX

    • Mast Mozez Canted Valve Cylinder Heads

    • Dual 8500 Throttlebodies

    • Vengeance Racing Custom Spec Fuel System

    • Custom Fabricated Tri Y Stainless Headers

    • McCleod Carbon Clutch Kit
    • PPG/RPM Sequential Transmission

    • RPM Differential

    • Pro EFI 128 ECU

    • Weld Racing Wheels

    • LG 15” Conversion

    • VFN Single Piece  Front End w/Forward Facing Scoop







Robert Hathaway - 1000+RWHP C6 Z06 - YSI Supercharged RHS 440ci

This C6 Z06 was brought to us relatively stock with the intentions of building the perfect balance of ridiculous power and refined driveability while still offering excellent street manners. The best way to describe this combination is truly the Ultimate Street Machine. We worked with the best manufacturers in the industry to provide the highest quality products in this build. Combined with the excellent craftsmanship from our technicians on staff, and EFI Live tuning provided by Vengeance PCM, we were able to achieve exactly what the customer was looking for!

¼ NA
½ NA


    • RHS 440ci Short Block, 10.5:1 Compression

    • MAST Motorsports 285cc LS7 Cylinder Heads

    • T&D Shaft Mount Rocker System

    • Morel Linkbar Hydraulic Lifters

    • Vengeance Racing Custom Camshaft

    • BilletTech Alternator

    • Vengeance Racing Valve Covers & Coil Relocation Kit

    • Vortech YSI Supercharger with billet wheel upgrade

    • A&A Direct Drive 8-Rib System

    • Vengeance Racing Custom Spec Fuel System - Flex Fuel

    • Vengeance Racing 1450cc Fuel Injectors

  • Aeromotive Fuel Rails

  • RPM Transmissions Level VII TR6060

  • SFI Bellhousing

  • RPM Transmissions Stage IV Differential

  • Driveshaft Shop Carbon Fiber Propshaft

  • Dirveshaft Shop 1,000HP Axles

  • RPS BC3 Carbon Fiber Clutch Kit

  • B&B Longtube Header System/Axle Back Exhaust

  • AlkyControl Dual Nozzle Methanol Injection System

  • MGW Short Throw Shifter




David Crunkleton 2014 Silverado

This 2014 5.3L RCSB Silverado that was purchased as an R&D vehicle for the Gen V truck/SUV market. We wanted to start developing packages for our faithful truck customers that would utilize as much of the OEM components as possible while providing extreme power without sacrificing daily driveability or towing. For this, we opted to reach out to our friends at Magnuson for one of the new TVS 1900 supercharger systems as the backbone of our powerplant. The engine was also modified with a set of longtube headers and one of our custom VR camshaft packages to push the 5.3L V8 a bit harder while also giving a nice choppy lope at idle.

With the build list set, all modifications were completed within one week, and we even retained the OEM flex fuel option with tuning on both 93 octane and E85 fuels. This truck now has well over 20,000 miles on the odometer and performing flawlessly in its daily duties!

93 Octane Dyno: 479/485
E85 Dyno: 502/510
1/4 mile - 13.42 @ 110
1/2 mile - 129mph (E85) 125mph (93 octane)


  • Magnuson TVS1900 1.9L Supercharger System
  • VR Custom Camshaft Kit (deletes DOD, retains VVT)
  • C7 LT1 Fuel Injectors
  • ARP Head Bolt Kit

  • CompCams 850 Lifter Set
  • American Racing Headers 1 3/4" Longtube Header System w/ Off-Road Y-Pipe
  • OEM Muffler System
  • Belltech Suspension Kit


1064RWHP - C7Z Procharger Conversion

When your 650hp C7 Z06 just isn't enough, the combination of our Stage IV performance package and Procharger's F1X conversion system answers the call for over DOUBLE the factory horsepower level while still retaining excellent driveability. This particular vehicle is also using our custom Vengeance Racing E85 flex fuel system and an AlkyControl dual nozzle methanol injection kit to keep octane levels high and intake air temperatures cool to support the menacing 20psi boost level supplied by this Procharger F1X. Stay tuned for performance results coming soon!

¼ NA
½ NA


  • ProCharger Supercharger system with F1X head unit
  • 19psi E85 Fuel
  • Vengeance Racing Custom Fuel System
  • Vengeance Racing Flex Fuel Kit
  • Alky Control Methanol Injection System
  • Vengeance Racing billet core camshaft
  • Vengeance Racing Dual valvesprings w/ Ti retainers
  • Vengeance Racing Hardened Pushrods
  • Trunion Upgrade
  • Katech C5R Timing Chain

  • Camshaft Phaser Limiter
  • High performance lifters- NON DOD
  • ARP Head Bolts
  • American Racing stainless long tube header system with 3” X pipe
  • Vengeance Racing High Temperature protective heat sleeves
  • 160* Thermostat
  • Custom ECU Calibration





Mike Bramati - "SinisTTer" Twin Turbo C6

"SINISTTER C6... a customer of ours that ran this TT C6 Corvette to 203mph at the Georgia 1/2-mile is at it again. While 203mph was a wild ride on it's own, he came back to us wanting to pull even more out of the car to push that 1/2 mile trap speed even higher for 2015 events.

For those of you that aren't familiar with the car, here is a quick history lesson:

SinisTTer came to us with the goal of building the ultimate street C6 Corvette. He wanted to be able to run it on the street and compete at the top of his class in 1/2-mile events in the Southeast - but not being of the "casual enthusiast" caliber, he also had his sights set on setting new records. This resulted in a foundation of a built 440 c.i. RHS block with twin-turbos, side-exit exhaust, custom fuel tank and many other extras that resulted in a very respectable 1,586 whp on E85. This was the build that set the 203mph trap last year and it was an awesome setup.

Like most customers that like to drive fast and compete, he came back to us after the wannaGOFAST Georgia 1/2-Mile event last year and wanted to make some upgrades. The turbos went off to get rebuilt and enlarged to 7978's. We reworked the intake setup with a host of parts that are now visible through the new Seibon Carbon hood. We also added a Nitrous Outlet dry nozzle system and made sure we could get all of this power to the ground through a new ProEFI ECU. All custom fabrication was done in house and the end result came out better than we could have even imagined.

Boost Only 1586RWHP/1236RWTQ
Nitrous 1714RWHP/1492RWTQ
¼ mile NA
½ mile 203mph- Worlds FIRST Corvette to break 200mph in the HALF MILE


    • VR Spec LSX 440 Long block
    • Mast Motorsports LS7 Cylinder Heads
    • Comp 79/78 Oil Less Turbos bolted to a Vengeance Racing custom fabricated twin turbo system
    • GMPP LSX Single Plane Intake Manifold/90* Elbow/Nick Williams CABLE driven throttle body
    • Custom RPM TR6060 Transmission
    • RPM Built Differential

  • Pro-EFI 128 ECU System
  • Nitrous Outlet Dry Nozzle System
  • Seibon TS-2 Vented Carbon Fiber Hood (modified)

Brian Landfried - CTSV

Brian’s CTS-V has undergone many changes over the last few years.  This car started as a simple bolt-on car that escalated quickly to a stock bottom end LSA monster with a Nitrous Outlet spray bar system, achieving a previous best of 9.21 @ 153mph before completely changing up to his new combination.  This vehicle is now utilizing a LSX 388ci engine with a 4.2L modified Kenne Bell supercharger and Nitrous Outlet direct port system making well over 1,000rwhp.  The drivetrain has also been upgraded to a RPM 4L80E manual valvebody transmission and 9” rear end kit to help put the power down, and running a 15” conversion kit with 30” tall drag radials for his race events.  The car has now been a best of 8.36 @ 157mph and shooting for a 7-second slip in 2018, all while still retaining the factory chassis, body work, and much of the stock interior!

¼ mile 8.36@157mph (Boost only/shake down pass)
½ mile 176.1mph


  • VR spec LSX Based 388 cubic inch engine

  • Callies Billet CCW crankshaft

  • Callies Ultra Series Connecting Rods

  • Custom Wiseco Pistons

  • Mast Motorsports 255cc CNC LS3 Cylinder Heads

  • Kenne Bell 4.2L Supercharger Modified by Vengeance Racing

  • VR Custom Fuel System

  • Vengeance Racing 2000cc Fuel Injectors

  • Nitrous Outlet Direct Port System for KB 4.2

  • RPM Transmissions Manual Valve Body 4L80E

  • Pro EFI 128 Engine Management
  • Pro Torque Torque Converter

  • DSS Carbon Fiber Driveshaft

  • DSS  Half Shafts

Ron Sexton - Turbocharged C6 Z06

If you hadn't kept up with our customer's 67mm/440c.i./Pro-EFI C6 Z06 build, check out the link below for the past build thread:

This vehicle laid down a solid 1,098rwhp on pump 93 fuel and no methanol. The customer drove the car like this for several weeks, including running the GA WannaGOFAST 1/2 mile event at 185mph, and then decided to turn up the wick a bit more. We added an AlkyControl dual nozzle methanol system with hard-lined nozzles, as well as tuned for E85. We still have yet to use the methanol in the vehicle as IAT's were very good for our dyno sessions with our custom air-to-water intercooler system.

One of the key benefits of going to the Pro-EFI management system was their excellent E85 flex fuel system that is integrated into the kit.

After filling the car up with pump E85 fuel, we hit the dyno and began the tuning process. Unfortunately it was roughly 20* on the dyno, and the drag radials were having a difficult time getting traction on the dyno rollers. We had a 250lb gentleman in the back of the car to try and keep the tires from spinning, but we still couldn't completely defeat the issue.

The end result: 1,419rwhp / 1,321rwtq That is an increase of 321RWHP just from using E85 fuel!!!

Once we were done on the dyno, we couldn't miss the opportunity to throw on the customer's street wheels and head out for a small photo shoot. A vehicle of this caliber should always look as good as it performs, and this one definitely does that!

HP 1419RWHP/1321RWTQ
  • Precision 67/66 …… mated to a custom fabricated VR Turbo system

  • Tial MVR Waste Gates
  • Tial BOVs

  • 440 RHS Engine built by Tim Lynch of Lynch Mob Racing

  • Pro EFI 128 Engine Management

  • RPS Billet Carbon Quad Disc Clutch

  • Driveshaft Shop 2000HP Prop Shaft

  • Pfadt Coilover system

  • ZR1 Brake Kit

Joe Smythe Procharged F1X Camaro

Built to be fully streetable while running 8 second ¼ mile ETs. Joe owns several VR built vehicles

¼ 8.80@161mph
½ NA


  • VR spec RHS 436 Long block

  • Pro Charger F1X Cog Driven supercharger system

  • ARH 2” Stainless Long tube Header system

  • Vengeance Racing Custom Spec Fuel System

  • RPM Transmission 4L80E


  • FTI Custom Stall Converter

  • Driveshaft Shop custom driveshaft

  • Driveshaft Shop 9” IRS Rearend

  • 15” Conversion


Norm McClung - C5Z

Norm Mcclung is a longtime friend and customer of Vengeance Racing.   This C5 Z06 was stock when we first touched it several years ago and has evolved from a simple header/cam car to the supercharged monster that you see today.  Norm’s current combination utilizes a LSX 427ci engine with a cog-driven F1X Procharger making over 1,200rwhp and allowing him to row gears down the ½ mile to 191mph!  This car is still street driven and includes many of the factory creature comforts including air conditioning and a fully functioning stereo system!

93 Octane 940RWHP/762RWTQ
E85 1275RWHP/1018RWTQ
¼ NA
½ 191.3 mph


  • LSX 427ci Hydraulic Roller Engine

  • Custom Cog Driven Supercharger system with ProCharger F1X Head Unit

  • MAST 275cc Cathedral Cylinder Heads
  • VR Custom Spec Fuel System with fully functioning FLEX FUEL Capability

  • Vengeance Racing Custom Air-to-Water Intercooler System

  • American Racing 2" Stainless Long Tube Header System
  • RPS Carbon Triple Clutch Kit
  • RPM Level V T56 Transmission
  • Driveshaft Shop 3.5” Prop Shaft
  • LG 15” Rear Conversion

Robb Sutton - CTS-V

We had a client visit Vengeance Racing early last year with a single goal in mind: he wanted to make his daily-driver with a baby seat in the back the most powerful 6MT CTS-V in the world. As you can probably imagine, we love lofty goals like this so we were ready for the project. Having had several modified cars in the past, the client really knew the procedure but this was his first time playing in the LS world.

Being a local enthusiasts to us, he had seen several of our other CTS-V cars perform at the track. He was also looking to compete in many of the 1/2-mile events put on by wannaGOFAST the following year. After talking with him about options and what we could do with the car, he decided to take things in stages like many of our customers do. We put him on the schedule for one of our Stage IV CTS-V performance packages.

After the client dropped off the 'V, we knew it was going to be one of those weeks! While the car inititially came in for one of our Stage IV packages, it actually left with a Stage V by the time it was all said and done. Since this was a manual car, we also had the chance to do a custom grind cam that would satisfy his request. He wanted it to "shake the Earth," so to speak. We knew he would eventually be running nitrous in the car, so we also sent the ZL1 lid he had bought, off to Nitrous Outlet to be direct-ported before the build.

Boost only 803WHP
Boost/Nitrous 1306RWH
¼ 10.01@149.7mph
½ 178.00 mph


  • VR Spec LSA Short block utilizing forged pistons/rods
  • ECS Heat Exchanger
  • KPE Intake
  • ZL1 Lid with AN fittings and Nitrous Bars Installed by Nitrous Express
  • Alky Single Nossil Meth Kit
  • 850cc High Flow Bosch Injectors
  • WCCH CNC Stage 2 Heads
  • American Racing 2" Longtubes with Catless X-Pipe
  • VR Plug Wire Insulators
  • NGK TR6 Plugs
  • Metco 10 Bolt SC Hub
  • Metco 2.55" Upper Pulley
  • Vengeance Racing Custom Cam Shaft
  • VR Hardened Push Rods
  • VR Dual Spring Kit with Ti Retainers
  • Comp Trunion Ki



  • Melling Hi-Volume Oil Pump
  • C5R Timing Chain
  • LS7 Timing Gear
  • Ls2 Dogbone Timing Damper
  • ARP Cam Bolts
  • LPE 18% Overdrive Pulley
  • ATI Damper
  • 102mm Nick Williams TB
  • Vengeance Racing Ported Snout
  • Vengeance Racing Ported Blower
  • DMH Electronic Cutouts
  • Aldo Welds Trunk Mount  reservoir with VR spec HX system
  • Misc Support Parts
  • ECU Tuning by Vengeance Racing

Hamad C7

A client of ours from the Middle East contacted us recently about a build. Originally, he was looking at our shop C7 that was for sale at the time (the first C7 to break the 1,000whp mark) and was thinking about buying the car. It was already completed and ready to go but there was just one problem... it was already sold. "Hamad" decided that wasn't a problem. He contacted a dealer in the US and before we knew it, there was a brand new 2015 C7 Z51 3LT manual at our front doorstep ready for modifications!

We talked to Hamad about his goals for the car and how he wanted to make it his own now that we were starting with a clean slate. At the end of the conversation, we decided to set the car up very similarly to the recently sold shop C7 without adding the nitrous system the shop car had. Using our VRSC785+ Performance Package as a base, he also decided to tear into the visual characteristics of the car before we shipped it back over to the Middle East.

This build was going to get our VR custom paint job, with other interior and exterior accent pieces hyro-dipped to add some contrast. This client also decided to be one of the first to have a set of Volk Racing wheels custom made for the car and some aero from Lashway Motorsports. You'll also notice he decided to go with the new C7 Z06 grill. With the build list set, we got to work on getting everything organized and ready to go on this complete build as very little on this car was going to be left stock.



  • VR custom camshaft kit w/ DOD delete and 32% Increased-Fuel Lobe
  • VR CNC LT1 Ported Cylinder Heads w/ VR Dual Valve Springs
  • ECS Novi 1500 Centrifugal Supercharger System @ 10psi
  • 160* Thermostat & Billet Housing
  • AlkyControl dual nozzle Methanol-Injection System
  • ARH 1 ⅞” Longtube Header System w/ Non-Catted X-Pipe
  • B&B Fusion Exhaust System


  • MGW Short Throw Shifter
  • Caravaggio “D” Bottom Steering Wheel
  • Red GM OEM Comp Seats
  • Carbon Fiber hydro-dip on all silver trim pieces, Gauge Surround and Console Trim
  • Ceramic Window Tint
  • Upgraded Comp Seats


  • C7 Z06 Front Grille
  • 20x11/19x9.5 Volk G25 wheels with 315/30/20 & 265/35/19 Toyo R888
  • VR Custom Paint Job
  • Carbon Fiber Hydro-Dipped Front & Rear Fender Wents, Rear Spoiler, Taillight Ssurround and Side Mirrors
  • Lashway Motorsports Carbon Fiber C7 Aero Package
  • Lowered on Modified OEM Bolts (Cut Bushings)

Allen Bogenschutz Z28 F-Body

Noe Martinez was the original owner of this Camaro Z28, and wanted something a little different. His CLEAN 4th Gen Camaro is definitely a sleeper if you happen to miss the giant intercooler tucked in the front bumper. This beast lays down over 1000RWHP through a 4L80E Transmission and Moser 12 bolt rear end, yet drives like a stock LS… Until you put the pedal down anyway.  Noe built this beauty as his daily driver/weekend warrior and unfortunately never made it to the drag strip before the car was sold.  The car is now owned and operated by another longtime customer Allen Bogenschutz who now has two VR built F-Body’s in his stable, and plans to take it to our next track outing to see what the car can do in the near future!

93 octane 888RWHP/769RWTQ
C16 1118RWHP/1021RWTQ


  • VR Spec LSX 427 Stroker
  • VR Custom Single 82mm Turbo System
  • VR Spec Custom Fuel System
  • RPM Transmissions built 4L80E Transmission


  • FTI Custom Stall Converter
  • Moser 12 Bolt Rear End
  • 360 Forged Wheels

Wayne Marinello - C6 Grand Sport

Long time customer who came to us with his stock Grand Sport and added an A&A supercharger system with V3 SI head unit and a set of long tube headers. As with any HP addict they always want more…. Forged the LS3 and added a YSI head unit along with 8 rib and drive drive upgrades. Car is driven daily thru Atlanta traffic and runs consistent mid 170mph passes in the ½ mile.

93 octane 886RWHP /792RWTQ
E85 1014RWHP /962RWTQ
¼ NA
½ 176mph


  • VR Spec 416 LS3 Stroker

  • A&A Supercharger system with Billet Wheel YSI

  • American Racing 1 7/8” Stainless Long tube Header System

  • Fore Innovations Triple In Tank Fuel System

  • Alky Control Dual Nozzle Methanol Injection System


  • RPS Carbon Triple Disc Clutch Kit

  • RPM Transmissions TR6060

  • RPM Transmission built Differential

  • Driveshaft Shop 3.5” Prop Shaft

Ken Sponsler - C6 ZR6X

Retired Army Command Sergeant Major Sponsler’s  initial build was camshaft/headers... Then A&A V3 Si supercharger system… When this wasn’t enough we built the current combo listed below. Ken does plan to drag race the car in 2016 although it is primarily set up as a street car.

93 octane 891RWHP/770RWTQ
¼ NA
½ NA


  • VR Spec RHS 427 Stroker

  • A&A Supercharger System with YSI/8 Rib/Dedicated Drive

  • Dewitt High Capacity Radiator

  • VR Custom Spec Fuel System


  • Alky Control Dual Nozzle Methanol Injection System

  • American Racing 1 7/8” Stainless long tube header system

  • RPS Carbon Triple Clutch Kit

  • Super Vettes ZR6X Conversion



Ron Sexton C7 Z06

The 2015 Corvette C7 Z06 is proving to be an awesome machine. The LT4 platform comes with a new 1.7L blower mated to a forged rotating assembly 6.2L V8 that makes 650 crank horsepower right from the factory. We have all seen the videos and followed the process leading up to the release. As the car got closer, we just couldn't wait to get our hands on the new Z06 and start tearing it apart. That is what we did with our shop car the first week of ownership, as we knew customer cars were not far behind.

Our client, Ron Sexton, shipped his beautiful 2015 3LZ Z06 to Vengeance Racing with only 143 miles on the odometer. Having our own C7 Z06 in-house, we built this car right behind all of the development we found to make power on the shop car as he wanted to be one of the first out there with over 750 to the wheels in his beautiful, brand new, red Z06.



  • Halltech CKNZ Full Carbon Cold-Air Induction
  • 160* Thermostat
  • VR Ported Throttlebody
  • VR Ported Supercharger Snout
  • VR CNC LT4 Cylinder Heads
  • ARP Head Bolts
  • VR 2.38 Supercharger Pulley Kit
  • VR 10% Over Drive Lower Pulley


  • Alky Control Methanol-Injection System
  • VR Gen V Cam Kit- Retains VVT/Deletes DOD (Duration in the 220*s)
  • American Racing 2” Stainless Long Tube Header System with 3” X pipe
  • B&B Fusion Catback Exhaust
  • MGW Short Throw Shifter
  • Vengeance Racing Professional Installation
  • Vengeance Racing Custom ECU Calibration

Mike Craig C7 Z06 - with VR Stage 3 & Nitrous Outlet Spray Bar System

After spening roughly a year in his Stage III supercharged C7 Stingray making over 700rwhp, this customer decided to make the move to the Z06 platform after experiencing the incredible performance from the 8L90E automatic transmission. We knew that modifications would come quickly on this car, and our customer had already decided to mimic the combination in our shop C7 Z06 for his build. We started with a smaller jet sizing than we are running on our car for him to get used to the nitrous after the build, and plan on jetting up to push the power on the LT4 even further. This vehicle in testing with a 100 shot has already run a strong 170mph in the WannaGOFAST 1/2 mile at Heaven's Landing, and we plan to be getting closer to the 180mph mark, as well as seeing some low 9 second passes out of this combination very soon!

660 RWHP (Boost)
705 RWHP (E85)
836 RWHP (Nitrous)
½ 177 mph


  • Vengeance Racing Stage 3 C7 Z06 PERFORMANCE PACKAGE
  • Vengeance Racing Cam Kit Plus - Stage III Camshaft
  • Halltech Stinger-R Cold Air Intake System
  • Vengeance Racing Upper Pulley Kit
  • Innovators West 10% Overdrive Balancer Kit
  • American Racing 2" Longtube Header System
  • CATTED X pipe
  • 160* Thermostat
  • Mill OEM Cylinder Heads

  • Nitrous Outlet Spray Bar System for LT4
  • Nitrous Outlet Dedicated Fuel Cell
  • Nitrous Outlet Stage III Accessory Package
  • Vengeance Racing Custom Switch Panel for C7 Z06
  • OS Launcher Progressive Controller
  • Lingenfelter LNC-2014 Timing Retard Box
  • 19x12 / 19x10 Forgeline GA1R with Toyo R888 Tires
  • ECU Calibration with Street and Dyno Tuning

Chip Kappen - C7Z Procharger Conversion

This Procharged Z06 belongs to a local friend and fellow racer who acquired it after trading in his VR Stage V Cadillac CTS-V earlier in the year. Being no stranger to horsepower, he decided that he wanted to go "all in" on his build with the Z06, and achieve the 1,000+rwhp mark without sacrificing the driveability of the car. This was also our first automatic transmission Z06 to reach this power level, and has handled it extremely well. The lightning fast shifts accompanied with over 23psi on boost makes for a menacing ride while still retaining all of the comfort features provided by GM on this platform. We will be hitting both the 1/4 and 1/2 mile tracks very soon with this car to test the performance of the 4-digit power levels in this build!

998 RWHP (E85)
1100 RWHP (C-16)


  • Procharger F1X C7 Z06 System
  • Vengeance Racing CNC Ported LT4 Cylinder Heads
  • Vengeance Racing Stage III Camshaft Kit
  • ARH 2" Longtube Header System
  • Akrapovic` Titanium Exhaust w/ Carbon Tips
  • AlkyControl Triple Nozzle Methanol Injection
  • Vengeance Racing Custom Spec Fuel System - Flex Fuel
  • ·Vengeance Racing Recirculating Catch Can
  • ·Vengeance Racing Custom Valve Covers


Gary Coyne - ZL1

When you have a ZL1 and you've used every modification available to make it faster... what do you do? ...Well you go twin turbo and that's exactly what this customer decided to do. The LSA blower has the iconic look of the ZL1 and Gary really didn't want to lose that so we decided to glut the blower and use it as the intake manifold... and it's a great conservation piece as people wonder if it's compounded boosted. Nitrous Outlet system also gives this combo a 100 shot to take it to the 1250+RWHP range. In the coming weeks we will soon test this at the quarter and half mile events!

Currently Worlds Fastest ¼ mile and ½ mile ZL1
1140 RWHP (Boost Only)
1268 RWHP (Boost/Nitrous - 100 Shot)
¼ 9.08@154mph
½ 193.05 mph


  • Vengeance Racing LSX 427ci Short Block
  • Vengeance Racing Low-Lash Solid Roller Camshaft
  • MAST Motorsports 280cc LS3 Cylinder Heads
  • LSA Supercharger intake manifold/rotor pack removed
  • 102mm Throttle Body
  • AlkyControl Methanol System
  • RPM Transmissions TH400

  • Vengeance Racing Fuel Injectors
  • Nitrous Outlet LSA Spray Bar System
  • Dedicated Motorsports Fuel System
  • Driveshaft Shop Driveshaft and Axles
  • Vengeance Racing 10-Point Roll Cage System
  • Vengeance Racing Parachute Mount System


Drue came to us from south Georgia with his ProCharged C6 Z06 in search of more power. After numerous discussions and looking at a few of our builds Drue decided he wanted to ditch the supercharger and go with twin turbos.  His C6Z was already making 700RWHP and sitting on a set of 15” Weld Wheels so we knew Drue was serious about big power.  We built Drue a 440” LSX long block to support 1500+RWHP and fabricated a twin turbo system in house capable of producing the kind of power Drue was in search of. Adding in all of the supporting modifications like Pro EFI 128 ECU and our custom fuel system in the process.  On only 22psi this C6Z put down 1279RWHP.  This was enough to put a smile on Drue’s face and give him some time to get used to his new combination. When he is ready we will turn up the boost and should land in the mid 1400s to low 1500rwhp range.  Keep an eye out for this street driven C6Z in the near future. Drue will also be doing quite a bit of ½ mile racing with us and should put on quite a show with as much power as he is capable of putting down.

½ 205.19 mph


  • Vengeance Racing LSX 427 Long block
  • Mast Motorsports LS7 Cylinder Heads
  • Solid Roller Camshaft
  • RPM Transmissions TH400 and 9” Rear End
  • Pro Torque torque converter
  • Vengeance Racing Custom Spec Fuel System
  • Pro EFI 128 ECU
  • 15” Conversion
  • Vengeance Racing Custom Fabricated Twin Turbo System
    -Precision 68/70 Gen II CEA Billet Wheel Turbos
    -Vengeance Racing Custom Air to Water Intercooler system
    -Tial MV-R Wastegates
    -Tial Blow off Valves
    -4” Stainless Exhaust to rear of vehicle

John Luzetsky - ZL1

This customer's ZL1 arrived to us as most of them do. The car was 100% bone stock, and the customer was wanting to add a bit more horsepower and attitude to make his car feel like new again. However, this owner is a former drag racer and knew it wouldn't be long until the horsepower bug hit even harder. The first build started with our standard Stage V performance package making right at 700rwhp through the manual transmission back in 2013. This combination was run for roughly two years before it was time to push the ZL1 even further. In late 2015, we added a full Nitrous Outlet spray bar system and dual 10lb bottles as well as an RPS triple disc clutch kit to hold the 1,000+rwhp that this car would eventually put out. With this combination and a set of Weld Racing wheels and drag radials, John has pushed his car to over 178mph in the 1/2 mile, and  ran consistent low 9-second ET’s in the ¼ mile after converting to the FTI TH400 transmission.  The car has now undergone major surgery in early 2018 once again, utilizing an all new LSX based engine combination and a Kenne Bell 4.7L supercharger with a Nitrous Outlet direct port system to really lay down the power!  Stay tuned for performance results coming very soon from this one of a kind ZL1.



  • American Speed Shops 400ci LSX Shortblock

  • MAST Motorsports 280cc LS3 Cylinder Heads

  • Solid Roller Camshaft

  • Kenne Bell 4.7L Supercharger modified by VR

  • Nitrous Outlet Direct Port Nitrous System



  • Kooks Longtube Header System

  • ProEFI 112 Engine Management System

  • FTI TH400 Transmission and Torque Converter

  • Vengeance Racing Custom Spec Fuel System

  • Vengeance Racing Custom Heat Exchanger


We bet you are wondering what a 2014 Dodge Viper is doing on the featured builds page of our website?? Well we are still trying to figure that out ourselves… Ned originally emailed us asking to add some additional HP to his Gen 5 Viper. We politely explained we are an LS based performance shop and declined to work on his car… Fast forward a few weeks and Ned shows up to our shop with his Viper and asks us to reconsider.. After meeting Ned in person and looking over the car we decided to turn his dreams into a reality…. The goal was simple… How fast and quick can we get it to go on a stock block? We fabricated a custom turbo system that would be capable of producing 1500+rwhp and added the appropriate fuel/clutch and engine management upgrades as well. We plan to see how long the stock engine holds together, then we will build a suitable engine that would allow us to turn up the boost and make some big power… Keep an eye on this Viper.

Several track outings and street miles later, the stock block reached its limits as expected. Now an LME 513 cubic inch LLSR engine combination has been in play which puts out an extreme 1,500+ rwhp!  This combination produced an impressive 9.28 quarter mile time at 162MPH on the very first outing and still on a 19" Nitto street drag radial!  With 8-second ET's within reach, we are now moving forward with some all new drivetrain modifications, as well as an 18" CCW drag pack wrapped in Mickey Thompson ET Street R tires.  Stay tuned as we head out to the next testing date with a bit cooler air and shoot to set the 6-speed manual Viper record even lower!

¼ 9.28 @ 162MPH World Record Manual Gen 5 Viper
½ mile 212.66 mph


  • LME 513 cubic inch LLSR
  • Dailey Engineering Dry Sump Oil System
  • Vengeance Racing Custom Fabricated Twin Turbo System
    -Precision 68/70 Gen II CEA Billet Wheel Turbos
    -Air to water intercooler
    -Tial MV-R Waste Gates
    -Tial Blow off Valves
  • Triple In Tank Fuel System
  • Injector Dynamics Fuel Injectors
  • RPS Triple Carbon Clutch Kit
  • Pro EFI 128 ECU

Nathan Anderson - C7 Supercharged 416

Nathan purchased this C7 from a local client who had already installed an ECS supercharger /Vengeance Racing Cam Kit/Full exhaust. After driving the car for a short time he realized he wanted more power…. The next round of modifications included a fully forged 416 cubic inch long block with a Novi 2200 supercharger replacing the old 1500 head unit. Nathan also installed a complete C7 Z06 wide body to improve the overall look while being able to run a much wider tire in the rear to help with all of the additional horsepower. .

1042 RWHP
½ mile 175.78 mph


  • Vengeance Racing 416 LT1 Forged Short block
  • Vengeance Racing CNC Ported LT1 Cylinder Heads
  • ECS Supercharger system with Novi 2200 Head Unit
  • American Racing 2” Stainless Long tube header system
  • Vengeance Racing Spec Fuel System

  • LT4 Fuel Injectors & Mechanical Pump
  • Alky Control Methanol Injection System
  • RPS Triple Carbon Clutch Kit w/Tilton Hydraulics
  • C7 Z06 Wide Body Conversion
  • Forgeline Wheel & Tire Package

Nathan Anderson - C7Z Supercharged 377 LT4

I hope you're wearing shades if you see this one in person.  Nathan really wanted to make a statement with his polished everything under the hood C7 Z06. This combo includes the mighty ProCharger F-1X supercharger, LME intake manifold, ProEfi management system. Everything is cooled down by a custom Vengeance Racing air to water system.  We're aiming at some record half mile numbers with this Corvette in the coming months.

1400+ RWHP
¼ mile 9.08@163mph
½ mile (coming soon)


  • Fully Forged 377 LT4
  • Vengeance Racing CNC LT4 Cylinder Heads
  • LLSR Valvetrain
  • ProCharger F1X Supercharger System
  • ECS 10-Rib Drive System
  • Vengeance Racing Custom Air to Water Intercooler System
  • Nitrous Outlet Nitrous System
  • Circle D 8L90E Transmission
  • Circle D Stall Converter
  • Prospeed ACM Secondary Injection
  • LG Motorsports Spherical Rear Suspension
  • Vengeance Racing Custom Fuel System


Michael is an avid drag racer and can usually be found at one of our ¼ mile tracks almost every weekend testing and dialing in his beautiful CTSV Sedan. While this CTSV may sport a custom fabricated drag wing and parachute, it is still 100% street capable. Michael drives his CTSV all the time to local shows/events, but manages to run mid 9 second ETs with his completely stock short block/converter/transmission making Michael’s CTSV one of the fastest SBE CTSVs in the country.  The car is recently using a 388ci LSX shortblock and we are working on dialing in the new combination to get him down the track even faster!

1021 rwhp (100 shot)
¼ mile 9.37@146mph (50 shot)
¼ mile9.46@144 (blower only)
½ mile 172.41 mph


  • Vengeance Racing Stage 5X Performance Package (more info)
  • LSX 388ci Shortblock
  • 15” Conversion


½ mile 159.22 mph (93 Octane)


  • Vengeance Racing Cold Air Induction
  • Vengeance Racing Upper pulley kit
  • Overdrive Damper

  • Vengeance Racing Gen V Cam Kit Plus
  • American Racing Stainless Header System
  • Vengeance Racing Flex Fuel Kit


Slavko came to us early 2016 after checking out his neighbor Norm McClung’s Vengeance built C5 Z06. Slavko was new to the horsepower world, but had plans of making big power sooner than later. Our first found of modifications included an A&A supercharger system with a V3 SI head unit/Vengeance Camshaft Kit/Long tube headers all fitted to his stock LS7 long block. This combo produced a modest 700rwhp and was short lived. After getting comfortable with his current power Slavko decided it was time to take it to the next step. For this we built him a 1500rwhp capable LSX 427 low lash solid roller combination. We removed the A&A supercharger system and replaced it with a ProCharger F1X 12 rib set up. All supporting bolt ons were added to allow Slavko to hit the streets with over 1000rwhp on a break in tune/pulley combination. After Slavko gets used to this we will add some more boost and get a bit more aggressive with the tune. This combo has already ran 186mph in the ½ mile and there is lots of room to grow..

½ mile 197.97 mph


  • Vengeance Racing 427 LSX
  • Mast Motorsports LS7 Cylinder Heads
  • Low Lash Solid Roller Camshaft
  • Late Model Engines Billet Intake Manifold
  • ProCharger Supercharger system with F1X Head unit


  • Alky Control Methanol Injection System
  • Vengeance Racing Custom Spec Fuel System
  • American Racing Stainless Long Tube Header system
  • RPS Triple Carbon Clutch Kit


Greg has been a long time customer and friend. He brought us his beautiful C6 Z06 several years ago and had us build him a 440 cubic inch naturally aspirated combination. After driving and racing this for a while and seeing the new C7Z Greg got the itch… He sold his C6Z and quickly found himself in the new C7 Z06. The plan was to leave the C7Z stock until he realized his supercharged 6.2 was not packing as much punch as his naturally aspirated 440 inch C6Z. Knowing Greg does not do anything half way we found ourselves installing our complete stage IV Performance Package as well as a Nitrous Outlet LT4 spray bar nitrous system. Greg is an awesome driver and can row gears with the best of them. His first time out in the ½ mile Greg ran a blistering 173mph and then drove his beautiful Z06 back to his home town in Alabama.

½ mile 173.74mph


  • Vengeance Racing Stage IV Performance Package (More Info)
  • Nitrous Outlet LT4 Spray Bar Nitrous System
  • RPS Carbon Twin Clutch Kit


Who would turn down the opportunity to build a beautiful C7 Z06 CONVERTIBLE??? Not us…. Doug contacted us all the way from Maryland and said he wanted a “modest 850RWHP” but wanted to be sure he could still drive and enjoy his car with the top down every chance he could get. We had the perfect recipe for this build that would ensure we could reach the power goals Doug had requested, while offering excellent reliability and drivability. The combination also has plenty of room to grow if Doug somehow manages to get bored with his current power. If you are from the great state of Maryland and you run across this unsuspecting convertible make a U turn and head the other way..



  • ProCharger Supercharger system with F1A Head unit
  • Alky Control Methanol Injection System
  • Vengeance Racing Gen V Cam Kit Plus
  • ARH 2” Stainless Long tube Headers

  • B&B Bullet Catback Exhaust
  • RPS Twin Carbon Clutch Kit
  • RPM Transmissions Level VII TR6070

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