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Vengeance Racing was established to offer performance enthusiasts an honest, reputable and knowledgeable shop that understands your needs and can deliver reliable, top quality performance packages. We install everything that we sell in house. All of us here at Vengeance are racers and enthusiasts alike so we know what you expect and how to provide it. Vengeance Racing is your source for all GM Gen III/Gen IV Performance parts and packages. Vengeance Racing's vast knowledge of GM Platforms is second to none! We offer complete ECU calibration packages using EFI Live/ HP Tuner/ Pro EFI and more. We offer everything from small bolt on installations, heads & cam upgrades, complete engine builds, power adder combinations, full race car preparation, custom turbo applications, complete turn key packages and much, much more!!!

Vengeance Racing - Shop Tour 2015 (with car action)
Vengeance Racing is proud to offer one of the finest install facilities on the east coast. Of course, if you don't see a service listed that you require, please contact us, hopefully we can help!

12,250 sq-ft. Facility
Indoor Customer Parking
DynoJet 224X Chassis Dyno
Tuning Packages
Complete Turn Key Packages
Heads & Cam Upgrades
Street/Strip/Race Only Engines
Power-Adder Combinations
Multiple Installation Bays & Lifts
Nitrous/Turbos/Supercharger Fab & Installs
Full Race Car Preparation
Bolt-On Installations
Track-Side Support

An aerial view our 12,250 sq ft facility includes a display room, sales offices, multiple installation bays equipped with rotary lifts and a full assortment of quality Snap-On tools as well as INDOOR parking for our customer cars, and a DynoJet 224X Chassis dyno.

For a private tour please call for reservations.
(678) 513-7105

All in-house engine assembly, tear down and inspection is done in our "clean room" which is off limits to regular foot traffic. Our clean room features enough workspace to assemble several engines at once and can also serve as storage for race motors, backups and any other parts that require special attention.

Vengeance Racing's in-house 224x chassis dynamometer is Dynojet’s most versatile and best selling performance chassis dynamometer on the market. The 224x dynamometer features a 24" knurled, precision balanced drum, a 2000-hp / 2000 ft. lbs measurement capacity and a max speed of 200 mph. The 224x incorporates a large drum diameter which provides a virtually flat, stable surface for tire contact, eliminating unnecessary tire slippage and deformation. The result is precise, repeatable data every time.
In conjunction with the dyno, tuning your engine's air, gas, spark, boost and many other factors come into play when obtaining the most power from your vehicle. Vengeance Racing's in-house tuning experts can give you the perfect street and track drive ability you're looking for.


Sit back and relax in the VR Lounge if your visit calls for a wait.


241 Castleberry Industrial Drive   Cumming, GA 30040
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