Vengeance Racing Dominates WannaGOFAST 1/2 Mile Shootout

The Georgia 1/2 mile shootout with WannaGOFAST is our premier event every year. This year, we hosted more competing customer cars than we ever have before with over 50 customers competing! The Sunday race was unfortunately cut short due to rain, but Vengeance still shined taking home 6 total trophies across both sponsor and privateer classes!

We will have a full list of results up very soon of all of our customers vehicles from the event. Our class winners were:

Fastest Manual Transmission SPONSOR (Sat and Sun): Randy Hunter’s twin-turbo C6 Z06 with a best of 187mph

Fastest Naturally Aspirated SPONSOR (Sat and Sun): Eddie Blackwell C5 Z06 with a best of 172mph

Fastest Heavyweight SPONSOR (Sat): Robb Sutton’s Cadillac CTS-V with a best of 175mph

Fastest Heavyweight PRIVATEER (Sat): John Luzetsky’s Camaro ZL1 with a best of 167mph

Congratulations to all of our class winners! Also, congratulations to everyone who were able to achieve a new personal best this weekend, and those who were able to make their first 1/2 mile pass ever this weekend!

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