Vengeance Racing customers dominate WannaGOFAST 1/2 Mile Event

Vengeance Racing recently supported 19 of our customers while they raced down the half mile air strip known as “Heavens Landing” located in Clayton Georgia.  The event is hosted by

Eddie Blackwell set the WannaGOFAST Naturally Aspirated Record running 171.4mph in his Vengeance built C5 Z06

Mike Bramati was able to make some shakedown passes in his “SinisTTer” Twin Turbo C6 and ran a best of 195.66 backed up by a 194.99. These times put Mike at the top of the list for fastest Corvette and placed him #3 fastest overall at the event.

Brian Lanfried stretched his legs in his Vengeance built CTSV running 161mph and earning the top spot among the CTSVs competing.

We had 16 other customers running speeds from 131mph (Bone stock C5 Z06) to 177mph (RHS 427/YSI C5 Z06)!! More information on the event and our customer accomplishments can be found here: